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Dienstag, 23. Juni 2009

It's all in his hands

Well, this day was so much better than the last ones! 
I was praying last night and on the way to work and that proves again that it all lays in Gods hands. And that he's listening! That's such a great thing to know and so comforting.

The one thing that makes my job ... "alright" is the fact that the nurse Christine is around and we're going along pretty well. So we were chatting today and she told me that she just can't stand the fact that he other staff is just shouting so much and I feld the same. I was very insecure at work from day one and the reason wa
s that I have no, absolutely no experiences with children and for that was looking at the staff to learn but I just couldn't believe in my heart that they're doing it the right way. But I had no idea so was trying to copy it and failed 'course it just didn't worked that well. I was annoyed about myself and the kids could feel it.
Now I'm quite releaved to know that there are other people thinking that it's not so good!
I need to stay calm and stop being angry at the wee ones!

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